Monday, October 1, 2007

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What is it your looking for when it comes to free software on the Internet? The scope of needs is wide and....actually it is huge. Virtually impossible to fill one site with everything everyone is looking for. However, as an Internet veteran since1990, the most frustrating search is for older versions of software and freeware. Take AOLPress for instance. AOLPress is a website software HTML editor. It was around long before Frontpage. In fact Frontpage was modeled after AOLPress.

AOLpress is an integrated browsing and WYSIWYG authoring tool for the World Wide Web. AOL press was designed both to make WWW authoring more accessible to beginners and to save valuable time and effort for professional Web publishers back in 1995. Until I discovered AOL Press, I authored HTML with a text editor.AOL Press allowed me to quickly build FORMS and TABLES and copy the code into my text editor saving me time. Years later with a massive computer network crash, I lost it and by then AOL Press was no longer made available by AOL and it was virtually impossible to find it. I finally did and I still use to this day.

When I teach people how to build web pages it is with AOLPress Is to start them on it because of it's ease and simplicity. AOL Press and AOL Press server are available from Free-Mart, along with a lot of other web master oriented vintage freeware hard to find elsewhere. We also keep Free-Mart up to date with new freeware that we find very valuable.

Another very important vintage freeware is Cool Edit. The vintage version has no expiration when using it. The newer versions of Cool Edit expire after 30 days and this older version is virtually impossible to find anywhere else on theInternet. What is Cool Edit you ask? It is one of the simplest sound editing softwares I have ever used and I use it today. It does things no other sound editor does, even the newer ones today.

Free-Mart has hundreds of quality free and freeware titles. Handpicked by experienced web masters for their tried and tested benefits. No fluff here either. Just top quality little know applications that get the work done.

Free-Mart and all of the software found on it reside on our servers too. So there is never any issues with Files not found and the downloads are fast and secure.

One more very important fact about It does not load adware, spyware or use popups either. And when you register to use our service, your information is secure, never sold,transferred or distributed to anyone ever!


If your a webmaster your going to love this service. First of all, are you a webmaster? By that I mean, can you upload files to a website? If you can, Free-Mart has developed the ability for you to get many great ebook titles for free but with one very cool benefit not found anywhere else!
Self replication! By that we mean you can personalize each ebook with your own ad, website address, phone number and your name.Then download the book and distribute it for free from your own sites. That way the book keeps on advertising for you to all the people that download the book from you. A great advertising medium that just keeps on working and working. Plus these ebooks have great value and because they are not encrypted, the search engines can index them as well giving you more value in the search engine positioning strategies.

If you have an ebook you want distributed from Free-Mart let us know. We will do so at no cost to you as long as you agree to give us the original files to your book so we can configure it to use our code for replication and personalization.

So what are you waiting for. Come see what the Internet canreally do when value and technology merge into an InetekkTraffic Portal!


Inetekk puts on many free Internet Marketing seminars for free.You are welcome to join us. All you need to do is download the Live Training software, install it, open it up and register with your name, then log in.

We have these free seminars 5-7 days a week. Just check the calendar for the times they run. No long distant phone calls.See us talking, join in the dialog, and see the websites and processes right from your computer. Like a virtual school withthe top Internet GURUs at your finger tips.

You can even set up your own lobbies if you have friends or associates you want to talk to, see and share with as well. Once you download the software, you can distribute it freely as well.We look forward to seeing you there!

Thomas Zimmerman,

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