Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Reliable Internet access and profit potential combined!
Unlimited High Speed Internet Access or Lightening Fast DSL!
ISP-4-FREE gives you access to a powerful Internet Service
Provider with a profitable affiliate program to boot.
You'll receive outstanding ISP service and make money doing it!

Internet Service Includes:

-- Unlimited Internet Access
over 3,400 dial-up numbers nationwide
-- High Speed Dial-Up Account
five times faster than regular dial-up
-- DSL now available as well!
-- Your Own Affiliate Website
-- Your Own Affiliate E-Mail Account
-- POP-UP Blocker
-- Spam Blocker
-- Virus Protection
-- Your Own Turn Key-Business
-- 24/7 Technical Support Monthly
-- Plus...

A Very Lucrative Affiliate Program!

The fact is, everyone who uses the Internet needs an ISP.
You're probably paying a company for access to the
Internet right now yourself. Why not get paid yourself instead
and share in the revenue?

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